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PCY-II high temperature vacuum dilatometer (fillable atmosphere)

Detailed introduction

PCY-II high temperature vacuum dilatometer (thermal dilatometer)
I. Overview:
PCY-II high-temperature vacuum dilatometer is used to test the high-temperature expansion performance of solid inorganic materials and metal materials, especially corundum, refractory materials, shells and core materials for precision casting, ceramics, ceramic raw materials, porcelain clay, glaze, glass The properties of inorganic (organic) materials such as graphite, carbon, metal products, and polymer materials provide necessary testing methods for scientific research and teaching. Meet the GB / T16920-1997 measurement of the average linear thermal expansion coefficient of glass.
Second, the main technical parameters:
1. Maximum furnace temperature: 1200 ℃, 1400 ℃, 1700 ℃.
2, heating speed: 0-100 degrees / minute adjustable, computer program temperature control.
3. The computer automatically calculates the expansion coefficient, body expansion coefficient, linear expansion, and rapid thermal expansion.
4. Automatically calculates the compensation coefficient and automatically compensates. It can also be manually corrected (online).
5. Automatically record, store and print data, and print the temperature-expansion coefficient curve.
The temperature interval can be set freely. The minimum interval is 1 ℃.
6. Deformation measurement uses high-precision grating micrometer sensor, measuring range: ± 12.7mm, resolution: 0.1um, accuracy 0.2um, automatic range correction. The measurement range of the expansion value is large, and the adjustment range of the sample is increased.
7, the scope of the sample (2-15) × (2-15) × (20-150) mm. Can also be based on the user's request to protect the sample atmosphere, can be evacuated, vacuum degree 0.1MPa.
8. Imported linear bearing transmission is used to achieve frictionless transmission of expansion value, and the transmission accuracy and repeatability are excellent.
9. System measurement error: ± 0.1-0.5%.
10. Power supply voltage: 220V ± 10 ﹪, 2KW.
12. The PCY-II high-temperature vacuum dilatometer is equipped with a standard computer interface, which can be connected to a general-purpose computer. All test operations are completed with a computer interface, which is easy to learn and provides a full set of software.
(With carbon industry-specific testing software)

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