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Electric heating experimental roller furnace

Detailed introduction

KL Series Electric Heating Experimental Roller Furnace

调节零活、运行费用低等特点,适用于快速烧成坯釉料配方研制、色料、釉 料生产试验及检测;无机非金属材料教学、科研;小尺寸产品生产。 The KL series electric heating experimental roller furnace is a laboratory that simulates fast-firing conditions. It has the characteristics of fast firing, zero adjustment, and low operating costs. Testing; teaching and research of inorganic non-metal materials; production of small-sized products.

The main technical parameters:

1. Effective volume in the kiln: (1500 ~ 2500) × 150 × 190 (mm)

2. Maximum sample size: 100 × 150 × 25 (mm)

3. Maximum temperature: 1350 ℃, 4-point temperature measurement, computer temperature control

4. Center distance of rollers: 30mm

5. Firing cycle: 15 ~ 200min adjustable

6. Electric power: 380V, 15 ~ 20kW

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