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DHF88 Multi-Element Fast Analyzer

Detailed introduction

DHF88 Multi-Element Fast Analyzer

I. Overview

The DHF88 multi-element fast analyzer is a new product developed on the basis of the DHF series multi-element fast analyzer. At the same time, a variety of high-content element simultaneous liquid extraction channels are added, which can simultaneously detect two or more high-content elements. The analysis speed is accelerated, and the analysis accuracy is improved. It is especially suitable for the rapid quantitative detection of high-silicon and high-aluminum samples, high-calcium and high-magnesium samples, and high-content samples in special materials in ceramics, refractories, cement, glass, geology, non-metallic minerals and non-ferrous metals. This product is widely used in colleges, universities, research institutes, factories and mining enterprises, and is widely sold throughout the country and in Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Taiwan and other countries and regions, and have received good results.

Second, the main technical parameters

Measurable element

1-1. Measuring elements and ranges

SiO2 0.01 ~ 99.9% Al2O3 0.01 ~ 99.9%

Fe2O3 0.01 ~ 99.9% TiO2 0.01 ~ 99.9%

K2O 0.01 ~ 15% Na2O 0.01 ~ 15%

CaO 0.01 ~ 99.9% MgO 0.01 ~ 99.9%

B2O3 0.01 ~ 30% ZrO2 0.01 ~ 99.9%

Li2O 0.01 ~ 15% SnO 0.01 ~ 99.9%

PbO 0.01 ~ 99.9% ZnO 0.01 ~ 99.9%

MnO 0.01 ~ 99.9% Cr2O3 0.01 ~ 15%

BaO 0.01 ~ 10% NiO 0.01 ~ 99.9%

CoO 0.01 ~ 99.9% P2O5 0.01 ~ 30%

MoO3 0.01 ~ 99.9% WO3 0.01 ~ 99.9%

V2O5 0.01 ~ 99.9% CuO 0.01 ~ 99.9%

Mo 0.01 ~ 99.9% W 0.01 ~ 99.9%

If there is a special need, the lower limit of the content of some element components can be extended to 0.001%

2. Measurement types

Silicates: ceramic raw materials (including glazes) and finished products, refractory raw materials and finished products, glass raw materials (including microcrystalline glass) and finished products, cement raw materials and finished products, and other inorganic non-metal materials.

Non-ferrous metal minerals and alloys, main ingredients of chemical materials, chromium salt products, V2O5 products, MnO products, NiO products, titanium dioxide, phosphates, cobalt oxide, zinc oxide, boric acid, borax, barium carbonate, water glass, sodium humate, Lead Dan, iron oxide, molybdenum trioxide, molybdate, molybdenum ore, ferromolybdenum alloy, tungsten trioxide, tungsten carbide, tungsten ore, tungstate, tungsten cobalt alloy, molybdenum nickel alloy, nickel cobalt copper alloy, etc.

3. Sampling channels: 7

4. Measurement channels: 6

5. Stability: ± 1 digit change in reading within 5 minutes

6. Analysis accuracy: The analysis accuracy of each element reaches or exceeds the allowable error specified in the relevant national standard analysis methods (GB / T4734, GB / T6900, QB / T2578-2002).

7. Detection speed: 1.5-2.5 hours from the start of weighing. The determination of SiO2, Al2O3, Fe2O3, TiO2, K2O, Na2O, CaO, MgO in 4 conventional samples can be completed. Determination of other elements can be completed within 4-6 hours.

8. Number of continuous measurement samples: 20

9.Instrument working conditions: 220V 50 & 60HZ

Machine power: 1KW

Installation area: 3500X850mm workbench

Ambient temperature: 25 ± 5 ℃

Relative humidity

Third, the instrument configuration

1. One DHF88 analyzer host;

2. One set of data processing system;

3. One set of flame photometer;

4. Silver crucibles are wild;

5. One ultrasonic cleaner;

6. One set of standard stock solution (only conventional eight elements);

7. One set of DHF88 special reagents (conventional eight elements);

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