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WM ceramic unglazed abrasion tester

Detailed introduction

  Ceramic unglazed abrasion tester, inorganic (pavement) material abrasion tester, steel wheel abrasion tester
I. Overview:
陶瓷无釉砖耐磨试验仪采用了摆线针齿啮合行星传动原理的减速机构,具有结构紧凑、传动平稳、噪音低、输出传速恒定等特点。 WM ceramic unglazed abrasion tester adopts the reduction mechanism of the principle of cycloid pin gear meshing planetary transmission, which has the characteristics of compact structure, stable transmission, low noise, and constant output transmission speed. GB / T3810.6—2016 / ISO 10545-6: 1995 "Test method for ceramic tiles-Determination of abrasion resistance of unglazed tiles", GB 28635-2012 "Test method for abrasion resistance of concrete pavement tiles", GBT32987-2016 "Concrete Performance test method of pavement bricks ", GB / T 12988-2009" Abrasion resistance test method of inorganic floor materials "requirements for test equipment . Replacement of different grinding wheels can achieve different standards of detection, one machine is multi-purpose.
水泥胶砂、 水泥路面砖等脆性材料的耐磨试验。 Applicable to abrasion resistance tests of brittle materials such as ceramic unglazed tiles, mosaics, cement mortar, and cement pavement tiles.

Second, the main technical parameters:
1. Grinding wheel speed: 75r / min
Grinding wheel one: diameter 200 ± 0.2mm, thickness 10 ± 0.1mm, E235A or Fe360A steel is suitable for GB / T3810.6-2016
Grinding wheel two: diameter 200 ± 0.2mm, thickness 70 ± 0.1mm, 45 steel, hardness HB203-245, applicable to GB / T12988-2009
2. Sample size: 100mm × 150 mm
3.The abrasive uses F80 corundum abrasive
4, storage hopper volume is greater than 5L
5, test time can be preset, digital display
6. Pressure weight 1: the mass is 2.5㎏, applicable to GB / T3810.6-2016
Pressure weight 2: mass 14㎏, applicable to GB / T12988-2009

3. Working principle and result evaluation:
The instrument consists of a power transmission part, a sample holder part, an abrasive storage supply part and an electrical control part. The grinding wheel rotates at a constant speed, and the sample contacts the friction steel wheel with a certain pressure by applying a pressure weight. The abrasive uniformly enters the grinding zone at a specified flow rate (100g / 100r / ± 10g / 100r), and the surface of the sample is made by the abrasive Grinding pits are created. By measuring the chord length of the grinding pit on the surface of the sample (accurate to 0.5㎜), the grinding pit volume is calculated to represent the degree of wear of the sample. Each sample was evaluated by the average abrasion volume at two locations.

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