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CKZ-10000 Intelligent Ceramic Tile Fracture Modulus Tester

Detailed introduction

KZ-10000 智能 陶瓷砖断裂模数测定仪 (抗折仪) C KZ-10000 Intelligent Ceramic Tile Fracture Modulus Tester

Adopt advanced servo motor speed regulation and loading mechanism and touch screen microcomputer to control, calculate and display. Meets GB / T3810.4-2016 / ISO10545-4: 2014 "Test methods for ceramic tiles-Determination of fracture modulus and failure strength", also suitable for measuring engineering ceramics, electric porcelain, daily-use ceramics, ceramic pipes, tile products Bending strength, compressive strength. Replacing the fixture can also be used to determine parameters such as breaking resistance.

Applicable to JC746-1999 "Concrete tile bearing capacity test", GB / T9772-1996 "Asbestos cement tile and ridge tile flexural test", GB / T9966.1-2001 "Natural facing stone flexural test", GB / T7019 -1997 "Folding Test of Fiber Cement og真人厅登录 ", GB / T9775-1999 "Folding Test of Paper Gypsum Board".

The main technical parameters

10000N; 1. The maximum load is 10000N;

1--700N/S可调(数显可调); 2. Loading rate: 1--700N / S adjustable (digital display adjustable);

600×600, 800×800, 1000×1000(mm),按合同供货。 3. Maximum sample size: 600 × 600, 800 × 800, 1000 × 1000 (mm), supplied according to the contract.

0.5%; 4. Computerized data processing with 0.5% accuracy ;

50IRHD±5IRHD; 5. Pressure roller rubber hardness: 50IRHD ± 5IRHD;

瞬时压力显示,峰值压力显示,加载速度显示,试样尺寸输入,参数设置界面,标定界面等功能; 6. Touch screen microcomputer display window: instantaneous pressure display, peak pressure display, loading speed display, sample size input, parameter setting interface, calibration interface and other functions;

R本机自动计算; 7. The breaking strength S and the breaking modulus R are automatically calculated by the machine;

220V,功率0.2KW; 8. Power source 220V, power 0.2KW;

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