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Thin plate (film) horizontal thermal conductivity tester

Detailed introduction

薄板(膜)水平方向导热系数测试仪 DRPL-VV thin plate (film) horizontal thermal conductivity tester

石墨纸、铜箔等非常薄的材料水平方向导热系数。 I. Main application: It is mainly used for research, development and quality control of materials with thermal conductivity ranging from 0.005-500W / mK, such as aerogel plates, vacuum glass, graphite paper, copper foil and other very thin materials.

Technical indicators:

、导热系数范围:0.005-500W/mK 1. Thermal conductivity range: 0.005-500W / mK
、试样范围:(50~150)×(25)×(0.001~5)mm 长度*宽度*厚度 2. Sample range: (50 ~ 150) × (25) × (0.001 ~ 5) mm length * width * thickness
3. Pressure loading method: manual pressure, thickness measurement method: manual;
4. The cold plate is equipped with a precise constant temperature water tank. The temperature control range is 5-70 ℃, the temperature control accuracy is 0.1 ℃, and the temperature instrument accuracy is 0.1 ℃.
5. Hot plate heating method: 220V electric heating; temperature control range: room temperature -150 ℃
6. Model of heat flow meter: imported high-precision heat flow sensor
7. Number of sample groups: 1-2
8. Repeatability: deviation of two measurements <± 3%
9. Voltage, frequency and power: AC220V ± 10 ﹪; 50 ~ 60Hz; 500W
全过程采用计算机自动测试并存打印储存实验数据,并给出温度-时间-热流变化曲线。 10. The whole process adopts computer automatic testing, coexistence, printing and storage of experimental data, and gives the temperature-time-heat flow curve.

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