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TZY ceramic flatness, straight angle, edge straightness comprehensive measuring instrument

Detailed introduction

TZY ceramic flatness, straight angle, edge straightness comprehensive measuring instrument

I. Overview:
型陶瓷砖综合测定仪是用于测定各种墙面砖、地面砖尺寸及形状特性之仪器,其所测参数包括面砖的边直度、直角度、平整度等几项指标。 TZY ceramic tile comprehensive measuring instrument is an instrument used to measure the size and shape characteristics of various wall tiles and floor tiles. The measured parameters include the edge straightness, right angle, and flatness of the facing bricks. During the measurement, only the test piece is placed once, and the above six index data can be measured quickly and accurately.
陶瓷砖标准, GB/T3810.2-2016 《陶瓷砖-尺寸和表面质量的检验》的要求。 This product meets the requirements of: Ceramic Tile Standard, GB / T3810.2-2016 "Ceramic Tile-Inspection of Dimensions and Surface Quality". It is an ideal testing instrument for ceramic tile manufacturers and quality inspection departments.

Second, the main technical parameters:
、测量精度 :± 0.01 1.Measurement accuracy : ± 0.01
、测量范围 : 2.Measurement range :
600×600 40 600 × 600
800×800 40 800 × 800
1000×1000 (单位 :mm 40 to 1000 × 1000 (unit : mm )
、标准板客户选购(选购件) 3. Standard board customers purchase (optional)
、根据用户要求可选用数显表。 4 , according to user requirements can choose digital display meter.
Principle and structure:
The instrument consists of a support plate, a movable left support and a right support to form a rectangular coordinate system. On the flat plate, there are three standard height supporting pins similar to the shape of ceramic tiles and standard plates with ideal dimensions for detection, and the meter value is adjusted to an appropriate position, and the indicated value is recorded. Then, replace the standard board with the tested ceramic tile, and measure six index parameters without moving the measurement points. The left and right supports and the center measurement support can be moved in parallel on the flat plate to form spatial coordinates at different positions to adapt to the determination of ceramic tiles with different sizes.

Ceramic tile testing standard board (optional)


1000 × 1000, 800 × 800, 600 × 600, 300 × 600, 500 × 500, 400 × 400, 300 × 300, 200 × 200, 300 × 200, 300 × 152, 250 × 250, 152 × 152, 240 × 60 (mm)
Various specifications can be customized according to customer requirements.

The accuracy of the above standard board is better than 0.1mm, and there is a measurement verification certificate

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