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SJY image type sintering point tester (high temperature physical property meter, high temperature microscope)

Detailed introduction
SJY image type sintering point test (high temperature microscope, material high temperature physical property tester)
Won the major scientific and technological achievement award of the Ministry of Mechanical and Electrical
I. Overview:
This instrument is a high-temperature, transmission projection device used to measure the sintering point temperature and fire resistance of inorganic materials, mixtures and ceramic raw materials. It allows the tester to clearly see the sample's volume shrinkage, expansion and purification and globalization, sintering, softening point, spherical point, hemispherical point, melting point, etc. on the mirror screen under high temperature conditions. And learn the corresponding temperature when various situations occur; analyze the sample's high temperature contact angle, wetting angle and high temperature viscosity characteristics; provide the basis for production selection of materials, widely used in metallurgy, casting, ceramics, glass and other industries teaching and research departments .
Second, the main technical parameters:
1. Experimental temperature range: 0-1400 ° C, 0-1700 ° C.
2. Heating speed: 0-100 ℃ / min adjustable, temperature controlled by program.
3. Maximum sample size: diameter 8 × 8 直径 (8x8x8mm).
4. Image magnification: 8-9 times. The imaging screen with coordinate system can easily quantify the expansion and contraction data.
5. Store the minimum temperature point of printing temperature image data: 1 ℃, can be set arbitrarily.
6. Store and print the starting temperature image point and set it arbitrarily.
7, CCD camera pixel: ≥ 8 million.
8. Power supply voltage: 220V ± 10 ﹪, 2KW.
9. The instrument is equipped with a standard computer interface, which can be connected with a general-purpose computer. All test operations are completed with a computer interface, which is easy to learn and provides a full set of software.
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