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  • 简介: KSX2系列节能式快速升温电炉采用国际先进的新型材料、具有节电、节时、热效率高、性能可靠、重量轻等特点,荣获“湖南省优秀新产品奖”。 Name: Brief introduction of energy-saving fast-heating electric furnace : KSX2 series energy-saving fast-heating electric furnace adopts international advanced new materials, has the characteristics of power saving, time saving, high thermal efficiency, reliable performance, light weight, etc., and won the "Hunan Excellent New Product Award" .

  • 简介: KL系列电加热实验辊道炉是实验室真实模拟快烧条件,具有快速烧成、调节零活、运行费用低等特点,适用于快速烧成坯釉料配方研制、色料、釉料生产试验及检测;无机非金属材料教学、科研;小尺寸产品生产。 Name: Introduction to electric heating experimental roller furnace : KL series electric heating experimental roller furnace is a laboratory that simulates real fast-firing conditions. It has the characteristics of fast firing, zero adjustment, and low running costs. Research and development, production and testing of pigments and glazes; teaching and research of inorganic non-metal materials; production of small-sized products

  • 简介:可定制各类尺寸、温度的非标电热鼓风干燥箱。 Name: Electric heating blast drying oven Introduction: Non-standard electric heating blast drying ovens of various sizes and temperatures can be customized.

  • 简介: Name: Introduction of Lifting Resistance Furnace :

  • 简介:该炉适用实验室及工业无机材料的烧结,特别适用氧化锆,氧化铝工业化生产,采用新材料及新的设计方案,其节能效果开创了电炉节能新的里程碑。 Name: GSX series high-efficiency energy-saving high-temperature sintering electric furnace Introduction: This furnace is suitable for sintering of laboratory and industrial inorganic materials, especially for industrial production of zirconia and alumina. The use of new materials and new design schemes has created new energy-saving effects for electric furnaces. Milestone.

  • 简介: SG2系列管式电阻炉广泛用于陶瓷、冶金、电子、玻璃、化工、机械、耐火材料、新材料开发、特种材料、建材等领域。 Name: Tube type resistance furnace, tube type atmosphere furnace Introduction: SG2 series tube type resistance furnace is widely used in ceramics, metallurgy, electronics, glass, chemical industry, machinery, refractories, new materials development, special materials, building materials and other fields.

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