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    • 简介:符合国标GB/T 6155-2008《炭素材料真密度和真气孔率测定方法》。 Name: Carbon Material True Density Tester Introduction: Complies with the national standard GB / T 6155-2008 "Method for measuring true density and true porosity of carbon materials". It is widely used in the detection of materials in universities, research institutes, quality inspection departments and production plants.

    • 简介: GB/T9973炭素材料透气度试验方法 Name: Carbon (graphite) permeability tester Introduction: GB / T9973 Test method for permeability of carbon materials

    • 简介:该电阻率测试仪是测量碳素材料,石墨等块状材料常温、高温下高导电性能的专用仪器。 Name: GDT-I Carbon Resistivity Tester Introduction: This resistivity tester is a special instrument for measuring the high conductivity of carbon materials, graphite and other bulk materials at room temperature and high temperature. The instrument is powered by a high-precision stable current source, and the current and voltage are automatically displayed, and it is stable, accurate, intuitive and convenient.

    • 简介: DHF系列多元素快速分析仪是以光度分析原理为基础研制而成的分析仪,采用了独特的线性扩展及提高灵敏度的方法,解决了传统光度法分析高组份含量偏离线性,分析低组份含量灵敏度差的问题,实现了大范围、高精度地快速分析。 Name: Brief introduction of multi-element fast analyzer for glass raw materials : DHF series multi-element fast analyzer is an analyzer developed based on the principle of photometric analysis. It adopts a unique linear expansion and improved sensitivity method to solve the traditional photometric analysis. The high component content deviates from linearity, and the problem of low sensitivity of the low component content is analyzed, and a large-scale and high-precision analysis is realized. Eight-element system analysis was completed in 1994, eighteen-element system analysis was completed in 2000, and twenty-element system analysis was completed in 2002. This analysis method is the first at home and abroad, and has significant advantages in the field of silicate system analysis. It is particularly suitable for ceramics, refractories, cement, glass, geology, non-metallic minerals and other industries.

    • 简介:仪器参照标准:GB5594.2,GB/T 3074.2,GB/T3074.2-2008《石墨电极弹性模量测定方法》GB/T5594杨氏弹性模量泊松比测试方法以及GB/T 2105,GB10700等。 Name: DTM-I Dynamic Elastic Modulus Tester Introduction: Instrument Reference Standards: GB5594.2, GB / T 3074.2, GB / T3074.2-2008 "Method for Measuring the Elastic Modulus of Graphite Electrodes" GB / T5594 Young's Modulus of Elasticity Poisson's ratio test method and GB / T 2105, GB10700, etc.

    • 简介:该仪器用于测量玻璃制品的热稳定性,也可用于其他硅酸制品的热稳定性。 Name: Glass Thermal Stability Tester (Water Cooling Method) Introduction: This instrument is used to measure the thermal stability of glass products, and can also be used for the thermal stability of other silicic acid products.

    • 简介:本仪器用于检测石墨、炭素等无机材料线变量、线膨胀系数、体膨胀系数、急热膨胀、以及它们变化曲线,对试样进行气氛保护(可控)。 Name: PCY-C Carbon / Graphite Material Thermal Expansion Tester (Coefficient of Thermal Expansion Tester) Introduction: This instrument is used to detect linear variables, linear expansion coefficients, bulk expansion coefficients, rapid thermal expansion, and their changing curves of graphite, carbon and other inorganic materials. Atmosphere protection (controllable) of the sample. It is suitable for GB / T3074 (1) .4-2016 to determine the thermal expansion coefficient of graphite electrodes. It can also be used for testing of large samples required by other solid materials.

    • 简介:该仪器采用试样直流纵向热流法,园柱体试样通过电流时产生的热量沿试样纵向两端传导,达到稳定后认为是一维纵向热流并对试样和测向环境交换进行修正。 Name: Brief introduction of SMDR graphite material medium temperature thermal conductivity tester : This instrument adopts the DC longitudinal heat flow method of the sample. The heat generated by the circular cylinder sample when passing the current is conducted along the longitudinal ends of the sample. Once it is stable, it is considered to be a one-dimensional longitudinal heat flow. Corrections are made to the sample and direction-finding environment. It meets the requirements of GB / T8722-2008 "Method for measuring the thermal conductivity of graphite materials at medium temperature", and is suitable for the measurement of the thermal conductivity of graphite materials in the range of 100 to 1300 ° C.

    • 简介:高温下高导电性能的专用仪器。 Name: GDT-II Carbon High Temperature Resistivity Tester Introduction: A special instrument with high electrical conductivity at high temperature. The instrument is powered by a high-precision stable current source, and the current and voltage are automatically displayed, and it is stable, accurate, intuitive and convenient.

    • 简介: Name: Brief introduction of PCY carbon (graphite) thermal expansion coefficient tester :

    • 简介: Name: SLW-I Carbon (Graphite) Tensile Strength Tester Introduction:

    • 简介:对于一定的物体,都存在一个固有谐振频率。 Name: Introduction to the dynamic method (high temperature) elastic modulus tester : For certain objects, there is an inherent resonance frequency. When the volume and material of an object are constant, the resonance frequency of the object is only related to its density. The strength of an object is related to its density, so the natural frequency of an object determines its strength.

    • 简介:用于测试各种导电材料介质(电阻)的阻值随温度变化的值,通过绘制电阻,温度曲线,可以直观地定性分析电阻温度变化率。 Name: Introduction to resistance temperature characteristics tester : used to test the resistance value of various conductive material media (resistance) as a function of temperature. By plotting resistance and temperature curves, you can intuitively and qualitatively analyze the resistance temperature change rate.

    • 简介:该仪器设备采用梯度炉法测定玻璃的析晶性能 Name: Glass crystallization electric furnace Introduction: This instrument uses a gradient furnace method to determine the crystallization performance of glass

    • 简介:该仪器采用拉丝法测试玻璃的退火点和应变点,参考标准ASTM C336,SJT11039-1996电子玻璃退火点和应变点测试方法,JC/T752-1996石英玻璃退火点测试方法; Name: Glass Annealing Temperature Tester (Annealing Point and Strain Point Detector ) Introduction: This instrument uses the wire drawing method to test the annealing point and strain point of glass. Refer to the standard ASTM C336, SJT11039-1996 electronic glass annealing point and strain point test method JC / T752-1996 Test method for annealing point of quartz glass;

    • 简介:测定玻璃软化点的专用仪器。 Name: RH-I Glass Softening Point Detector Introduction: A special instrument for measuring the softening point of glass. Comply with GB / T28195-2011 "Test method for glass softening point".

    • 简介:该设备参考标准:GB/T3074.3-2008石墨电极氧化性测定方法以及GB/T1429-2009炭素材料灰分含量的测定方法,适用于对石墨材料的氧化性以及灰分含量的测定。 Name: Graphite Oxidation Tester, Graphite Oxidation Experiment Electric Furnace Introduction: This equipment reference standard: GB / T3074.3-2008 graphite electrode oxidation method and GB / T1429-2009 carbon material ash content measurement method, suitable for Determination of oxidizability and ash content of graphite materials. It can also be used to determine the oxidation of other materials such as ceramics.

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