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  • 简介:该产品是在DHF系列多元素快速分析仪的基础上研制而成的新产品,同时增加了多种高含量元素同步取液通道,可同时对两种以上高含量元素同步检测,分析速度加快,分析精度提高。 Name: DHF88 Multi-Element Fast Analyzer Introduction: This product is a new product developed on the basis of the DHF series multi-element fast analyzer, and simultaneously adds a variety of high-content element simultaneous liquid extraction channels, which can simultaneously perform more than two kinds of Simultaneous detection of high-content elements improves analysis speed and accuracy.

  • 简介:该产品是在GKF系列硅酸盐化学成份快速分析仪的基础上研制而成的新产品,同时增加了多种高含量元素同步取液通道,可同时对两种以上高含量元素同步检测,分析速度加快,分析精度提高。 Name: GKF-V10 Silicate Chemical Analyzer Rapid Analyzer Introduction: This product is a new product developed on the basis of GKF series silicate chemical composition rapid analyzer. At the same time, a variety of high-content elements are added for simultaneous liquid extraction. Channel, which can simultaneously detect two or more high-content elements at the same time, speeding up analysis and improving analysis accuracy.

  • 简介: GKF硅酸盐化学成份快速分析仪(荣获国家科技部中小企业技术创新基金 Name: GKF-VIII Silicate Chemical Composition Rapid Analyzer (Multi-Element Rapid Analyzer) Brief Introduction: GKF silicate rapid chemical composition analyzer (Awarded by the SME Technology Innovation Fund of the Ministry of Science and Technology)

  • 简介:硅酸盐多元素快速分析仪是以光度分析原理为基础研制而成的分析仪,采用了独特的线性扩展及提高灵敏度的方法,解决了传统光度法分析高组份含量偏离线性,分析低组份含量灵敏度差的问题,实现了大范围、高精度地快速分析。 Name: DHF82 Multi-Element Fast Analyzer Introduction: The silicate multi-element fast analyzer is an analyzer developed based on the principle of photometric analysis. It adopts a unique linear expansion and improved sensitivity method to solve the traditional photometric analysis. The high component content deviates from linearity, and the problem of low sensitivity of the low component content is analyzed, and a large-scale and high-precision analysis is realized.

  • 简介: DHF84型多元素快速分析仪是采用了独特的线性扩展及提高灵敏度的方法,解决了普通光度法分析高组份含量会偏离线性,分析低组份含量灵敏度差的问题,配有6通道自动精确加液系统、6元素同步测量系统、自动数据处理系统,并配有公司开发的抗干扰新技术,可以大范围、准确、快速分析二十多个元素的含量。 Name: Introduction to DHF84 Multi-Element Fast Analyzer : DHF84 Multi-Element Fast Analyzer uses a unique method of linear expansion and sensitivity improvement, which solves the problem that ordinary photometric analysis of high component content will deviate from linearity, and analysis of low component content sensitivity Poor problems, equipped with 6-channel automatic accurate dosing system, 6-element synchronous measurement system, automatic data processing system, and equipped with new anti-jamming technology developed by the company, which can analyze a wide range, accurately, and quickly of more than 20 elements content. The instrument has the characteristics of small error, high accuracy, simple operation, and low use cost; it has significant advantages in the field of silicate system analysis, and is particularly suitable for non-metal industries such as ceramics, refractory materials, cement, glass and tungsten, molybdenum, nickel, Quantitative analysis of non-ferrous metals such as cobalt and copper and smelting industry. This product is widely used in colleges, scientific research institutes, factories and mining enterprises. All received good results.

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