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    • 简介: SB型手板式液压制样机是一种操作简单、维护方便、使用安全的制样设备,适用于陶瓷、建材、化工、医药等行业实验室的实验制样。 Name: Manual hydraulic sample making machine, hand plate type hydraulic plate making machine Introduction: SB type hand plate type hydraulic sample making machine is a simple, easy to maintain, safe to use sample making equipment, suitable for ceramic, building materials, chemical, pharmaceutical and other industries experiments Laboratory sample preparation.

    • 简介: DY-A型电动式液压制样机是一种操作简单、维护方便、使用安全的制样设备,适用于陶瓷、建材、化工、医约等行业的实验室。 Name: DY-A Electric Hydraulic Prototype Machine (Automatic Demoulding) Introduction: DY-A Electric Hydraulic Prototype Machine is a simple, easy-to-maintain, safe-to-use sample making equipment, suitable for ceramics, building materials, chemical industry , Medical appointments and other industries. Equipped with two sets of main and auxiliary oil cylinders for automatic demolding.

    • 简介: SC真空练泥挤出成型机主要适用于陶瓷行业工矿企业、科研院所及高等院校实验室作为练泥之用,根据用户要求挤出各种要求的成型,集练泥挤出成型于一体。 Name: Brief introduction of vertical vacuum mud training machine : SC vacuum mud training extruder is mainly used for ceramic industry industrial and mining enterprises, scientific research institutes and colleges and universities laboratories for mud training, according to user requirements to extrude various requirements Forming, combining the practice of mud extrusion molding.

    • 简介:电动震筛机筛子直径:200mm Name: Electric shock sieve, Hunan Electric shock sieve Brief introduction: Electric shock sieve Diameter: 200mm

    • 简介:该系列球磨机系硅酸盐原料制备工序中的细磨设备,可供日用瓷、建筑瓷、电瓷、卫生瓷、化工冶金等多种行业选用。 Name: QMJ Series Ball Mill Introduction: This series of ball mills are fine grinding equipment in the preparation process of silicate raw materials, which can be used in various industries such as daily-use porcelain, building porcelain, electric porcelain, sanitary porcelain, chemical metallurgy and other industries. Particularly suitable for laboratory small batch production and fine grinding of ceramic glazes.

    • 简介: XM-4行星快速研磨机研磨量:500g×2、250g×2 Name: Planetary rapid grinding machine Introduction: XM-4 planetary rapid grinding machine Grinding amount: 500g × 2, 250g × 2

    • 简介:是在一转盘上装有四个生产型球磨罐,当转盘转动时,球磨罐随着转盘转动,同时球磨罐在齿轮的带动下自身由中心轴带动作行星运动,罐中磨球在高速运动中做不规则运动产生冲击、剪切、研磨力达到研磨和混和样品的目的。 Name: XQM-4 Vertical Planetary Ball Mill Introduction: It is equipped with four production-type ball mill tanks on a turntable. When the turntable rotates, the ball mill tank rotates with the turntable. At the same time, the ball mill tank is driven by the central shaft with the gear. Action planetary motion, the grinding ball in the tank performs irregular motion in high-speed motion to produce impact, shear, and grinding forces to achieve the purpose of grinding and mixing samples.

    • 简介: KM快速研磨机可在10分钟内完成普通球磨机几十个小时的工作量。 Name: Quick Grinding Machine, Ceramic Grinding Machine Introduction: KM fast grinding machine can complete the workload of ordinary ball mills in tens of hours in 10 minutes.

    • 简介: SC真空练泥挤出成型机练泥产量:30-50Kg/h。 Name: Vacuum Mud Extrusion Molding Machine, Vacuum Mud Extruder Introduction: SC Vacuum Mud Extrusion Molding Machine Mud Production: 30-50Kg / h.

    • 简介: DY系列电动液压制样机采用双级泵,空行程时,排油量大,行程速度快,工作行程时,排油量小,压力高。 Name: Introduction of DY electro-hydraulic prototype machine: DY series electro-hydraulic prototype machine adopts two-stage pump. When the air stroke is empty, the oil discharge is large, the stroke speed is fast, and during the working stroke, the oil discharge is small and the pressure is high.

    • 简介: TQ型台式切片机用于切割陶瓷、石料、水晶、玻璃、金刚石等材料。 Name: Desktop Microtome, Small Desktop Microtome Introduction: TQ type desktop microtome is used to cut ceramic, stone, crystal, glass, diamond and other materials.

    • 简介:粉磨功指数是表示水泥原料及其混合料的易磨性的指数,其测定方法的原理是物料经规定的磨机研磨至平衡状态后,以磨机每转生成的成品量计算粉磨功指数,用以表示物料粉磨难易程度。 Name: Grinding work index Ball mill introduction: Grinding work index is an index indicating the abrasiveness of cement raw materials and their mixtures. The principle of the measurement method is that after the material is ground to a balanced state by a specified mill, Grinding work index is calculated from the amount of finished products, which is used to indicate the degree of difficulty in grinding the material.

    • 简介: PEF系列颚式破碎机机架采用铸钢件,其噪音小,结构设计合理,稳定性,密封性均好,颚板采用高锰钢。 Name: Brief introduction of PEF series jaw crusher: The frame of PEF series jaw crusher is made of steel, which has low noise, reasonable structure design, good stability and good sealing performance. The jaw plate is made of high manganese steel.

    • 简介:硅酸盐原料制备工序中的细磨设备,可供日用瓷、建筑瓷、工业瓷、卫生瓷等多种行业选用。 Name: Porcelain bottle ball mill, roller grinder, roller ball mill Brief introduction: Fine grinding equipment in the silicate raw material preparation process can be used in various industries such as daily-use porcelain, architectural porcelain, industrial porcelain, sanitary porcelain and so on. Suitable for laboratory product development and small-scale production.

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