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  • 简介: DRS系列导热系数测试仪适用于耐火保温、陶瓷纤维、毡、纺织物、板、砖等材料在不同温度下导热系数的测试。 Name: DRS-III type high temperature thermal conductivity tester (water flow plate method) Brief introduction: DRS series thermal conductivity tester is suitable for refractory insulation, ceramic fiber, felt, textile, board, brick and other materials at different temperatures. test. Meet the standard YB / T4130-2005 test method for thermal conductivity of refractory materials (water flow plate method), GB / T 17911 experimental method for thermal conductivity of refractory ceramic fiber products

  • 简介:本仪器用于检测固体无机材料、金属材料的高温膨胀性能,特别是刚玉、耐火材料、精铸用型壳及型芯材料、陶瓷、陶瓷原料、瓷泥、釉料、玻璃、石墨、碳素等无机材料、金属制品的性能,为科研、教学提供必备的测试手段。 Name: PCY High Temperature Horizontal Dilatometer (Coefficient of Thermal Expansion Tester) Introduction: This instrument is used to test the high temperature expansion performance of solid inorganic materials and metal materials, especially corundum, refractory materials, precision casting shells and core materials, ceramics , Ceramic raw materials, porcelain clay, glaze, glass, graphite, carbon and other inorganic materials, metal products, the performance of scientific research, teaching and provide necessary testing methods. This instrument can complete the sample linear variables, linear expansion coefficient, bulk expansion coefficient, rapid thermal expansion, softening temperature, sintering kinetics research, glass transition temperature, phase transition, density change, sintering rate control (RCS) and their changes curve. It can also protect the sample according to the user's requirements. It can be evacuated to a vacuum of 0.1MPa.

  • 简介:该导热系数测定仪主要用于测量导热系数在0.001-25W/MK之间,温度在1250,1400,1600℃的材料,包括定形隔热耐火制品、氧化镁与氧化铝砖块、陶瓷等非金属材料,测试原理采用平行热线法。 Name: DRX-II High Temperature Thermal Conductivity Tester (Hot Wire Method) Introduction: This thermal conductivity tester is mainly used to measure materials with a thermal conductivity between 0.001-25W / MK and a temperature of 1250,1400,1600 ° C, including setting Insulation and refractory products, non-metallic materials such as magnesia and alumina bricks, ceramics, etc., the testing principle uses the parallel hot wire method. It can be used to measure the thermal conductivity, thermal diffusivity and hot melt of various types of materials. It is suitable for sample types: solid, powder, granular materials. In accordance with GB5990 "Test method for thermal conductivity of shaped thermal insulation refractory products (hotline method)". GB / T 10297 "Determination of thermal conductivity of non-metal solid materials (hotline method)", GB / T 17106 "Test method of thermal conductivity of heat resistant materials (parallel hotline method)". The instrument is equipped with a computer system which greatly simplifies operation, fast and accurate.

  • 简介:多元素快速分析仪是以光度分析原理为基础研制而成的分析仪,采用了独特的线性扩展及提高灵敏度的方法,解决了传统光度法分析高组份含量偏离线性,分析低组份含量灵敏度差的问题,实现了大范围、高精度地快速分析。 Name: Refractory Material Multi-element Fast Folding Instrument Introduction: Multi-element fast analyzer is an analyzer developed based on the principle of photometric analysis. It adopts a unique linear expansion and improved sensitivity method to solve the traditional photometric analysis. The high component content deviates from linearity, and the problem of low sensitivity of the low component content is analyzed, and a large-scale and high-precision analysis is realized.

  • 简介: SJY影像式烧结点试验仪是用于测量无机材料、混合料和陶瓷原料烧结点温度、耐火度的一种高温、透射投影装置。 Name: Brief introduction of image type sintering point tester : SJY image type sintering point tester is a high-temperature, transmission projection device used to measure the temperature and fire resistance of sintering points of inorganic materials, mixtures and ceramic raw materials.

  • 简介: SQW—A 材料高温强度试验仪(型砂高温强度试验仪,造型材料高温强度试验仪) Name: SQW-A material high temperature strength tester (high temperature strength tester for molding sand, high temperature strength tester for modeling materials) Brief introduction: SQW-A material high temperature strength tester (high temperature strength tester for molding sand, high temperature strength tester for molding materials)

  • 简介: GKZ型数显式材料高温抗折仪采用单片计算机技术及液压技术试验自动完成,结构简单,施力平稳,维修方便,数据准确可靠。 Name: Brief introduction of digital display material high temperature anti-folding instrument : GKZ digital display material high temperature anti-folding instrument adopts single-chip computer technology and hydraulic technology test to automatically complete, simple structure, stable force application, convenient maintenance, accurate and reliable data.

  • 简介:本仪器用来检测耐火材料在高温荷重软化作用下的抵抗能力,是检测耐火材料高温机械性能的重要指标 Name: Material high temperature load softening temperature tester (high temperature load creep meter) Introduction: This instrument is used to test the resistance of refractory materials under high temperature load softening and is an important indicator for testing the high temperature mechanical properties of refractory materials.

  • 简介:本仪器适用GB/T17617-1998,YB/T2206.2-1998《耐火材料抗热震性试验方法》对硅酸铝耐火材料、碱性耐火材料、硅质耐火材料、隔热耐火材料、不定形耐火材料及其他高温材料的高温抗热震性。 Name: Refractory Thermal Shock Instrument Introduction: This instrument is applicable to GB / T17617-1998, YB / T2206.2-1998 "Test method for thermal shock resistance of refractory materials" for aluminum silicate refractories, alkaline refractory materials, silicon High temperature thermal shock resistance of refractory materials, heat insulation refractory materials, unshaped refractory materials and other high temperature materials.

  • 简介:金属熔体粘度以及化工熔盐的黏滞力是定量解决液体流动行为以及冶金过程中与反应动力学相关问题的一个主要物理量,如液态金属的小气泡上浮和非金属夹杂的上浮分离过程,或则在熔渣与金属的反应过程中,连续检测熔渣的粘度以及相应成分的变化,可以得到渣/金属反应速率的关键信息。 Name: High-temperature Digital Melt Viscometer Introduction: Metal melt viscosity and the viscosity of chemical molten salts are a major physical quantity that quantitatively solves liquid flow behavior and reaction kinetics related problems in metallurgical processes, such as small bubbles of liquid metal The floating separation process of floating and non-metallic inclusions, or during the reaction of slag and metal, continuous detection of the viscosity of the slag and changes in the corresponding components can obtain key information about the slag / metal reaction rate.

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