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  • 简介:型壳高温透气性测定仪适用于熔模铸造型壳的透气性能,满足CICBA/D05、04-1999,JB/T4153-1999型高透性方法以及HB5352.4-2004熔模铸造型壳性能试验方法第4部分:透气性的测定。 Name: Shell high-temperature permeability tester Brief introduction: Shell high-temperature permeability tester is suitable for the permeability of investment casting shells and meets CICBA / D05, 04-1999, JB / T4153-1999 type high permeability method and HB5352 .4-2004 performance test methods for investment casting molds. Part 4: Determination of air permeability.

  • 简介:本仪器适用无机非金属材料,铸造造型材料高温、常温综合性能的测定,也适用于模拟液态金属向铸型中浇注的真实情况所进行的造型混合料高温性能试验。 Name: High-temperature strength tester for molding sand (high-temperature strength tester for molding materials) Brief introduction: This instrument is suitable for the measurement of the comprehensive properties of high temperature and normal temperature of inorganic non-metal materials, casting molding materials, and it is also suitable for simulating the real situation of pouring liquid metal into the mold High-temperature performance test of the molding mixture. The instrument uses advanced computer technology and intelligent instrument technology to perform real-time detection and control of different parameters, and truly and effectively reflects the parameters of the experimental process, achieving fast, stable and reliable results. The heating of the sample and the realization process can be set according to the user's actual process requirements to set a program to control constant temperature rise, PID adjustment, etc.

  • 简介:主要用于测量铸造型壳、非金属材料不同负荷下变形情况和热膨胀系数。 Name: Profile High Temperature Deformation Tester Introduction: It is mainly used to measure the deformation and thermal expansion coefficient of cast shells and non-metal materials under different loads. Conforms to standard HB5352.3-2004 "Test method for performance casting of investment casting shells, determination of load deformation at high temperature"

  • 简介:本仪器依据JB/T 2980.2-1999《熔模铸造型壳高温抗弯强度试验方法》,HB5352.1-2004《熔模铸造型壳性能试验方法》。 Name: Brief introduction of high-temperature bending strength tester for mold case : This instrument is based on JB / T 2980.2-1999 "Test method for high-temperature bending strength of investment casting mold case", HB5352.1-2004 "Test method for investment casting mold case performance" . Measure the high temperature flexural strength and room temperature flexural strength of investment casting shells.

  • 简介:本机用于测定型(芯)砂在干、湿态时透气性数值。 Name: Direct-Reading Air Permeability Tester Introduction: This machine is used to determine the air permeability value of the type (core) sand in dry and wet states.

  • 简介:本机供型砂试验室和小型铸造车间混制型砂及芯砂用,也可广泛应用于冶金、矿山、化工、陶瓷、建材、医药、轻工等行业混制物料用 Name: Roller type sand dipping machine Brief introduction: This machine is used for mixing sand and core sand in molding sand laboratory and small foundry. It can also be widely used in metallurgy, mining, chemical, ceramics, building materials, medicine, light industry and other industries. For material

  • 简介:本机用来测定型(芯)砂在常温下的抗压、抗剪、抗拉和抗弯强度。 Name: Hydraulic Strength Tester Introduction: This machine is used to determine the compressive, shear, tensile and flexural strength of moulded (core) sand at normal temperature.

  • 简介:本机配合强度试验仪、透气性测定仪制备各种标准几何形状试样和测定型砂紧实度。 Name: Hammer-type prototype machine Introduction: This machine is used with strength tester and air permeability tester to prepare various standard geometric samples and determine the compactness of molding sand.

  • 简介:本仪器是用于测量造型材料的原砂、混合料和陶瓷原料烧结点温度、耐火度的一种高温、透射投影装置。 Name: Modeling material fire resistance tester (video sintering point meter) Introduction: This instrument is a high-temperature, transmission projection device used to measure the temperature and fire resistance of raw sand, mixtures and ceramic raw materials at the sintering point of modeling materials. It allows the tester to clearly see the sample's volume shrinkage, expansion and purification and globalization under the condition of high temperature on the mirror screen, and to know the corresponding temperature when various conditions occur. It provides the basis for the production of selected materials, and also provides the testing means for scientific research and teaching. Widely used in casting, ceramics, glass and other industries and teaching and research departments.

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