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Xiangtan Xiangyi Instrument Co., Ltd.

Xiangtan Xiangyi Instrument Co., Ltd. was formed by the restructuring of the former state-owned Xiangyang Cable Group Xiangtan Instrument and Meter Factory in 2005, with a registered capital of 10 million yuan. High-tech enterprise, executive director unit of Hunan Instrument Manufacturing Industry Association. Strong technology and rich instrument manufacturing connotation have become a large-scale professional manufacturer of ceramics and inorganic materials laboratory instruments in China, and the overall strength of the same industry in the country has maintained a good level.

For decades, our factory has been closely aiming at the international advanced level and devoted itself to the development, production and research of laboratory instruments and equipment in the fields of ceramics, inorganic non-metal materials, thermal analysis, high temperature casting and so on. og真人厅登录 have formed nearly ten categories and more than a hundred products, and have been awarded by various ministries, commissions, provinces and municipalities several times. og真人厅登录 are exported all over the country and exported in batches. It is widely used in daily-use and building ceramics, industrial ceramics, refractory materials, castings, new materials and other industries, and related institutions of higher learning, scientific research institutes, product quality inspection bureaus, and entry-exit inspection and quarantine bureaus. Social benefits.

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Email: 130732189@qq.com
Address: No. 168, Xiaotang Middle Road, German Industrial Park, National High-tech Zone (Yuetang District), Xiangtan City, Hunan Province
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